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Doodle Art & Design Gallery - Opening December 1st

Interiors and Exteriors
Kathleen Thometz & Kirsten Rachford

Doodle Art & Design may be a tiny space but we have carved out room to show some art. Opening on December 1st will be a collaborative show between Kathleen Thometz and Kirsten Rachford.

Interiors:Kathleen Thometz loves to make two things: rooms and anything miniature. She not only feels that working in miniature is an opportunity to prototype pretty much any idea you have, she feels that working with, playing with, or looking at miniatures gives people the chance to exercise control over their worlds, allows them to escape from their world for a bit, and makes them feel safe. Thometzes rooms are colorful, whimsical, 3D, paper and wood confections that make you want to shrink down and step in!

Exteriors: Kirsten Rachford began her career in architecture and urban design.  As she moved through the family-raising portion of her life she dabbled in other creative arts, such as painting, graphic design, baking, teaching art and storytelling.  She is now a yoga instructor who enjoys exploring different forms of artistic expression in her free time.  Kirsten’s current efforts are focused on the beauty of the home.  Making miniature replicas of real and imagined residential architecture fulfill her love of composition, intimate space and detail.