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Make Your Own Pet Fish!

Make Your Own Pet Fish!
Materials: You can get materials at a craft store. Most of the things you need are in the floral section.
Fish Bowl – You can get at a craft store in the floral section Acrylic Beads – Floral Section Colored Sand Fake Plants Sculpey Polymer Clay Feathers Small Beads
Colored Toothpicks
Take a look at some images of fish to get inspiration! You can look at my Fish and Fish Tank Pinterest Boards!
Take some clay and make a base that will fit into your bowl. Create a fish out of clay, feathers and beads for the eyes and mouth. Put some fake plant into the clay. Pull the plant out and cook the fish and base, feathers and all! Follow instructions on the clay. It usually takes about 3 min and I always put the clay on parchment, not directly on your baking pans.
Once cooked, glue your fish on it’s base into the bowl. Add sand and acrylic beads. Voila! A pet fish that requires no food or water!