Puppy Store

Designer Doodles Puppy Store was an art installation created by Kathleen Thometz of Doodle Art & Design. For the month of December 2018 she turned her tiny art studio into a puppy store!

Thometz took the doodle dog out of her logo and brought it to life, sort of. They're cute, hand sewn doodle dog pillows in a variety of colors. If you're a doodle lover, you'll be sure to find one that matches your live version.

The puppy store was an interactive experience. People who choose to adopt one of these cuties for $39, got a bandanna and dog bowl, which they personalized in the shop. Each dog and its accessories traveled home in a cozy, adorable bag. Ten percent of all proceeds went to Bark From The Heart Rescue in Countryside.

Where did Thometz get her inspiration? "My art business is geared toward kids, so I love the idea of introducing them to art collecting at a young age. My doodle dogs are limited edition and fun but they are art. The kids will be able to name their dog and will be required to sign a "contract" agreeing to their pup's care. So there's an educational aspect as well as a fun one."

If you would like to read more about her concept, click here!

You can still purchase a pup! Click Here!