Doodle Art & Design Kits

Doodle Art & Design kits are the perfect activity to do alone but are a lot of fun when done with a family, friend or group. They contain everything you need to make the project except for the basics of glue, markers and scissors. The beauty of Doodle Art & Design kits are that while everyone has pretty much the same materials in their kits, each art piece will be unique.

Each kit has a write-up about the history of the project, be it making mini hats or designing chairs. Each project has a corresponding Doodle Art & Design Pinterest page to look at pictures for inspiration as well as other peoples' work.

Bulk Orders: Orders of 20 or more kits come at a reduced price and include a customized Doodle Art & Design coloring page and Keynote presentation which will be emailed or put in Dropbox for you.

The kits come in a simple bag with a description of the project and the Doodle Art & Design signature mix of at least three components to create a piece of art. In order to eliminate waste, the Doodle Art & Design kits do not come with scissors, glue, markers or pencils. We encourage all of our artists to have a supply of those items at home.

Prices vary based on materials in each kit. Tax not included in price.

Kits are sold only through the studio at this time.

Mini Hat Kit

Mini Hat Kit - $15

These are great fun to do with a group of people. They make great table decorations for a party! Each kit includes and mini wood head, paper, foam sticky squares. Just add glue and scissors! Colors will vary.

Mini Dress Kit

Mini Dress Kit - $12

Have a party with your own little project runway! Included in each kit: a dress form, paper and ribbon. Just add your ideas, scissors and glue! Colors will vary.

Tree House Kit

Tree House Kit - $12

Did you ever fantasize about living in a tree house? Get started realizing your dream by creating your own tabletop tree house! Included in each kit: pipe cleaners, paper & leaves! Just add imagination, glue, scissors and markers.

Monochromatic Study Kit

Monochromatic Study Kit - $12

Have fun making a 2-D picture in all one color! Kit includes a board, paper, feathers, pipe cleaners and sticky foam squares. Just add your ideas, glue and scissors!

Designing Chairs Kit

Designing Chairs Kit - $12

Have you ever seen those cute chairs at the museum stores?  You can design your own chair which is fun to make and nice to display. Included in the kit are wire, sticky foam, and a wood "floor" to display your piece.  Just add scissors!

Microscopic Creature Kit

Microscopic Creature Kit - $10

There is a whole world of living things out there that most people never see. Microscopic animals and bacteria live in and on our bodies, our homes and in nature. There are scientists and artists who make gorgeous art and designs out of bacteria and viruses. Our kit is a fun way to try it yourself. The kit includes: a black canvas "slide," clay, bead, wire and feathers. Just add your imagination and stuff from home!

Color Theory Art Kit

Color Theory Art Kit - $12

You think you don't have a good eye for color? Have fun mixing colors and patterns while making a cool paper 2-D quilt that will be impressive enough to display!

2-D Sculpture Kit

2-D Sculpture Kit - $12

Do you like to sculpt but have no more shelf space to display your artwork? Create a cool art piece that you can hang on your wall!

Create a Pet Kit

Create a Pet Kit - $12

You want to create a 2-D Picture of your dog or cat or monster that you can pet? Just add scissors, glue and of course your imagination!

Jiffy Butt Cleaning Kit

Jiffy Butt Cleaning Kit - $12

Save a tree, use water to wipe! Not truly a gag gift but it can be! This four pack is a fun and useful gift for anyone!

Do you see a kit that you're interested in purchasing?

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