Doodle Art & Design kits are the perfect activity to do alone or with a group. They contain everything you need to make the project except for the basics of glue, markers and scissors. The beauty of Doodle Art & Design kits is that while each kit has pretty much the same materials, every person's art piece will be unique.

Each kit has a write-up about the inspiration for the project and a link to the Doodle Art & Design Pinterest page to look at for inspiration. The kits come in a simple bag with Doodle Art & Design's signature mix of at least three components to create a piece of art.

In order to eliminate waste, the Doodle Art & Design kits do not come with scissors, glue, markers or pencils. We encourage all of our artists to have a supply of those items at home. If you don't you can purchase our very cute, at-home studio supply box.

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