Doodle Art & Design

Here is a list of some of the topics I've taught at Field Park

and in the studio:

Abandoned Buildings
Art Abandonment
*Beverly Buchanan
     Southern Vernacular Architecture
*Art Gallery - Paper
Balloon Art
Ball Gowns
Bird Cages
*Body Masks
Building Bridges
Carl Faberge Eggs
Caterpillar Homes
*Chair Design
Collage Topiary Gardens
Convenience  Store Art
Coloring Pages
Creatures With Homes on Backs
David Hockney
Dental Art

Designing A Car
Designing An Art Gallery
Designing Fearless Rooms
Designing Signs
Designing Swords
Dessert Art
Everyday Items
Eyebombing/Art Abandonment
*Faberge Eggs
Fish Bowls
Faith Ringgold
Fine Art Fingerpainting
Flower Dress Collages
Funny Animals
Furry Animals
Fur Art
Geometric Layering
Huts and Hideaways (boxes)

Hobby Horses

Keylines & Outlines
Logo Designs
*Mail Art
Micro Worlds
*Microscopic Creatures
Mini Mini Golf
*Mobile Installations
Museum Dioramas
Nick Cave Sound Suits
One Frame Comics
Outlines & Keylines
Paper Hats
Park Benches
Performance Art
Playing with Color
Package Design
Play Doh Art
Pop Art
Public Sculpture
Rock Balancing/Sugru
Rubber Band Art
*Rudolph Reindeer
Rule of Thirds
Sand Art
Sandpaper Art
Screw/Nail Art
Sneaker Design
Stained Glass Windows.
Shadow Art

*Shop Design
Sidewalk Art
Street Art
Tents & TeePees
Tiny Islands
Tree Art
Tree Houses
Wayne Thiebaud
Twist Ties
Urban Planning
Vertical Gardens
Vision Boards/Maps
Window Dressing
Wire Sculpture
Wizard Hats
Yayoi Kasuma Infinity Rooms
Zip Ties

Doodle Art Camp Projects
Building A Gallery
Building A Resort
Fashion Design

Doodle Art Workshops
Fur Stool Workshop
Fanny Packs
Tabletop Mini Golf
She-Shed Workshop
Mobile Home Workshop
Enchanted Forest Workshop

"My son can't get enough of your class! The sword he made is awesome and has been played with more than all of his Christmas presents combined!"Clare, Kindergarten Mom

Register Now-Session 2!Lunchtime Art At Field Park, Forest Hills, Laidlaw! Christmas Feast Workshop - Saturday 12/9!

Inside(Kathleen Thometz)   Out (Kirsten Rachford)  Art Show 12/1

"Doodle Art is more than a craft class - it's a learning experience in creative thinking and the process of making art. The projects are fun and engaging but also challenge and encourage my daughter to think outside the box, literally. She looks forward to it every week and hasn't missed class in 2 years." - Jakkie, 5th grade mom

"I love that I can keep working on my Doodle Art projects at home...there's always more to think about. Every project is something new but we work with different themes each session. Mrs. Thometz is so creative and a really inspiring teacher."- Grace T. 5th grader

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"We love Doodle Art and Design!  It is more than an art class.  My kids come home with interesting projects and love the thought provoking discussions."Maggie, 2nd and 4th grade mom

Doodle Art And Design is a tiny teaching art studio, gallery and retailer of its signature Doodle Art & Design Kits. The philosophy behind the studio is that everyone needs a creative outlet and the studio is here for that purpose. Doodle Art offers classes for both kids and adults as well as spring break and summer camps.

Most classes begin with a fun slideshow of the topic of the class. This is a relaxing way to begin the class and helps to give everyone some inspiration before we begin each project. While everyone in class is given the same materials each person will make a unique piece of art. We offer enough of a framework to be successful but enough freedom to be creative. Doodle Art & Design began in 2014 as a mobile art program at Field Park Elementary School in Western Springs. Here is what some of our students think about our classes: